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MySepadu Systems Sdn Bhd

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Apart from technically well versed in implementing Open Source Server solution - Redhat, Suse and Ubuntu and MYSQL Database. We also provide implementation services for open source base application solution such as CMS Made Simple, A-Tutor LMS, Ubuntu Thin Client, Jasper Report, MYSQL Replication, Knowledge Management, PKI base on OpenSSL.

MySepadu Systems Sdn Bhd

MySepadu has been engage in Software Development Services for the past 15 years. Being as an MSC Status company we acknowledge that the Software Development Capability and Maturity is important to the success of the software project. We also realize that Project Management is the most critical component that contribute to the success of the project. Apart from that, Software Quality Assurance that come with Software Testing capability is also one of the crucial area. We also understand that, after sales support is also one of the key factor for the success of the organization.

Our Software Project will be managed by professional and certified Project Manager (PMP) accountable for managing at least 3 teams - SQA- Software Quality Assurance with qualified software tester, SD - Software Developer and TS - Technical Support. Our developer can come from any part of the world be it India/hyderabad or Vietnam.

Our speciality is on PHP/MYSQL base software development and we had delivered hundreds of PHP/MYSQL/Open Source solution not only to Governments  Department but also SME.

We have experience in implementing open source solution for :
1. Contents Management Systems base on CMS Made Simple
2. eLearning application base on A-Tutor
3. Thin Client solution base on Ubuntu
4. Business Object Reporting Solution base on Jasper Report
5. MYSQL Enterprise replication services for high availability.
6. Knowledge Management Systems.

7. PKI solution base on OpenSSL.




03-42802561 / 017-2935940 ( Mr. Zainal Tajuddin)

This company is Certified with Ministry of Finance

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