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iDGS deliver variety range of solutions which allow customer to choose solution bundle with hardware. iDGS’s team includes highly skilled and experienced professionals ranging from business analysis, system engineer, network administrator and consultant. Expertise in Domain Knowledge will allow iDGS deliver quality solution and produce competitive product. iDGS is alignment by the entire client management and operations team with client’s business objectives.



  • pfSense Get Sensible About Your Network Security. pfSense is a solution that provides enterprise-class network perimeter protection and exceptional data throughput in an easy-to-manage, plug-and-protect security appliance. It enables secure local or remote configuration and administration through an intuitive GUI-based management console. pfSense accommodates the requirements of high-volume sites and remote users with integrated options for high-availability/load-balancing clusters and full remote-to-site VPN functionality.
  • iProxy server The Extreme Web Acceleration and Security Solution. iProxy was to be able to share an Internet connection between multiple client machines while reducing the amount of Internet traffic and speeding up browsing by caching Internet content locally on the proxy server.iProxy provide security suites that use rules to accept or reject requests, log Internet activity, and scan incoming and outgoing data for viruses and other malware. It also will provide Safe Learning Environment, Keeping inappropriate content out of the Small and medium enterprise business environment.
  • iFile server The Ultimate Samba PDC Server. iFile server is a computer attached to a network that has the primary purpose of providing a location for the shared storage of computer files and documents that can be accessed by the workstations that are attached to the computer network.iFile will able to share a folder to a group of people, or a sub-group of people. Users can share folders to different department and set different levels of access permission. System Administrator will have the privilege to manage user accounts, storage quota, group options and folder access rights via web-based administrative tool.



iDGS’s professional services group understands your business needs and provides you with measurable business value. We leverage our experience to expertly guide you in analyzing, configuring, deploying, integrating, and maintaining iDGS solutions. Our team is ready to help you today to deliver complete solutions that include everything needed from concept to completion. iDGS provide the following support and services

  • Consultant services – Prioritize issues, both on a site-specific and on an overall basis, and suggest recommendations for repairs and improvements.
  • On-Site System Analysis – Collect, analyze, and record current server and network architecture and performance issues for each site.
  • On-Site installation service – Server and application deployment on customer location.
  • Network Administrators Training – Provide training for network administrators on product introduction, installation and configuration.
  • Telephone and Email Support – Assist customer troubleshoot problem via telephone and email.
  • Support Maintenance – Provide level 2 or 3 system support and maintenance services to all systems that we had deployed.



Customer support programs should be easy to access, clearly defined, and flexible enough to meet your specific needs. The iDGS iSupport offers a variety of technical support service levels with additional support-specialist offerings designed to help you gain the most from your investment in iDGS solutions.
Our technical support services are tiered to meet your needs—from basic telephone or email-based services and remote troubleshooting to enhanced on-site services to help you manage your technical support relationship with iDGS. iDGS iSupport offers two tires of service to enables you to select the level of service appropriate to your business requirements and your budget.

  • Telephone and email support – IDGS’s technical support team is specifically trained to perform troubleshooting activities over the telephone or by email. Depending on your specific needs, service options coverage is 8-hour x 5 days a week, Monday to Friday via telephone, email, or the Internet.
  • Issue Reporting – You will receive an issue reference number for all issues that you report to our technical support team. This allows our team to record each issue and its severity, assign an IDGS Technical Support Analyst, and track each issue through to its completion.
  • Update OS & Service Patch services – iDGS iSupport will provide updating patch service remotely to ensure that iDGS Products & Operating System is up to date and able to withstand latest cyber attack.
  • Network Administrator Training – Customers supporting their own IDGS product installations can have their support network administrator trained by IDGS. The training will cover product training, covering diagnostic techniques, remedial actions, and recovery procedures. Each IDGS trained network administrator will learn to identify the cause of any system failures and restore the system to operating mode and/or define a workaround— without involving IDGS .



As part of our complete solution, iDGS offers a two days training, which provides the skill necessary to troubleshoot and support a iDGS deployment. You will learn how to handle both server and iDGS’s Product and how best to escalate issues to Technical Support.

This hands-on course teaches you how to provide front-line (Level 1) support for the iDGS solution.  You will begin by learning how to resolve common installation failures.  You will then learn how to do basic troubleshooting of the iDGS Product and the  Server.  Along the way, you will be asked to perform hands-on troubleshooting tasks to isolate and resolve problems.   Finally, you will learn how iDGS handles incidents and how to escalate incidents that require deeper or more immediate action. After completing this training, you will have the skills required to support a iDGS deployment effectively.  In cases where you cannot resolve an issue on your own, you will also be able to submit more comprehensive incidents to iDGS Technical Support for follow-up (Level 2 and Level 3 support is provided by iDGS).




014-6691100 ( Dennis Soon)

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