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Israk Technology Sdn. Bhd.

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We have been providing Drupal CMS training and web portal development mainly for government agencies. In addition we have live streaming, digital signage and WebTV solution.

Israk Technology Sdn. Bhd.

We have been providing open source solution since 2007, especially leveraging on Drupal CMS in web portal development mainly for government agencies. In addition we have live streaming, digital signage and WebTV solution. In addition to providing complete LAMP infrastructure.

Using our preffered Drupal CMS web application framework, we can build a prototype and commission a feature-rich as well as a customized web portal and application for you quickly and affordable. Drupal is a flexible, feature rich web application platform that many thriving companies leverage as their cornerstone technology. For example we developed for JAKIM, also based on Drupal.


About Our Digital Signage

It has become a highly efficient and effective communications medium for the public as well as internal communication amongst staff and student within campus. We offer complete digital signage services including media player hardware, software and server. Of course we provide training and installation at affordable price. Our solution is mixed between open source signage digital and proprietary system. For example we have Ubuntu's based Digital signage system and Server for those in economical budget but still have the feature needed. We have partnered with a number of key reputable companies to supply hardware  and will continue to build further partnerships to deliver the most effective solutions for our customers.

About Our Live Streaming

We offer complete turnkey support options (in Malaysia only) for  live event from video productions until the video ready for playback on your website. Take advantage of IsrakStream latest live streaming capabilities for the highest quality live streaming online for your main event. Our technology deliver smooth live video streaming with adaptive multi-bitrate streaming to ensure a high-quality user experience. The best video video quality, and zero buffering ! Live Streaming preparation and setup almost similar to video on demand (VOD). Unline VOD, live streaming has audio and video source live and it's being transcoded on the fly. This is most probably done at site, where the event is taken place. While Silverlight is seen proprietary system, the player is built using open source code, called SMF - Microsoft's open source media player framework - a component of the Microsoft Media Platform.




016 338 4940 ( Najib Habeb)

This company is Certified with Ministry of Finance

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