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Luimewah (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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Our products and services related to OSS software development and system integration , RFID Solutions, Telemetry solution and microcontroller hardware development. Our many products emphasize on open source software, green technology with low power consumption, ease to manage, maintenance free, self-installation and cloud based reporting.

Luimewah (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Our core products are the folowing;

1. EMARS- Realtime Structural Monitoring System

2. Realtime Raingauge System

3. LUIMOTE Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU)

4. GPRS Enable RFID Attendance System

5.     SmartBooking - Sport Facility Point of Sales & Booking Management System


EMARS Realtime Structural Monitoring are used to monitor structural health with sub milimeter accuracy supported by remote GSM/GPRS data communication. The system integrate Leica Robotic Total Station with low auxilary power support and design. The system is power up only using 70W solar panel and 100AH battery and suitable for remote installation. Below are the areas applicable for EMARS;

1. Slope Monitoring

2. Bridge Monitoring

3. Tunnel Monitoring

4. Dam Monitoring

5. Under construction strutural monitoring


Realtime Raingauge System is another standalone, low power solution in which deliver realtime measurement for rainfall and upload information to the cloud based reporting server via GPRS/GSM. This solution tailored to the following market and customers;

1. Highway operators

2. Jabatan Kerja Raya, Cawangan Cerun

3. Railway, MRT, LRT Operator

4. Jabatan Meterologi Malaysia

5. Jabatan Parit dan Saliran


Microcontroller Unit (MCU) with codename LUIMOTE are the core platform enabler for our GSM/GPRS telemetry solution. Key features of LUIMOTE are small footprint, solar power ready, and programmable automation in single, rugged package that is perfect for remote centralized applications. The MCU by default is GPRS ready and able to accept different component/modules as the following;



3. RF Module

4. Sensors / Inputs

5. Digital Outputs


GPRS enable RFID Attendance System are RFID based personnel attendance tracking with cloud reporting. Our vision is to make this RFID attendance hardware affordable and less maintenance in single compact package with GPRS communication. The hardware configuration available are fixed and mobile terminal with solar power option. Target market segment are the following;

1. Government Department

2. Smart School

3. Universities

4. Construction industry

5. Manufacturing

Other RFID solutions by Luimewah covers document tracking, and asset tracking


Our core on-shelf software product are SmartBooking. The software cater for sport facilities operator and management company. The software combine Point of Sale (POS) and field rental and booking management. Currently largest futsal franchise operator in Malaysia are using our software for their daily operation. SmartBooking support realtime update to headquarters (HQ) cloud reporting system. 

We also would like to highlight other Luimewah on-shelf software/hardware product are in the range of;

1. POS system (SmartBooking, SmartPOS, SmartHotel), 

2. Customer Feedback System, 

3. SmartPatrol (Guard Patrol solution) 

4. Document Management System

5. Learning Management System - Used by 2 public universities in Malaysia.


Lastly, Luimewah also offer the following services on software and hardware development;

1. Webbased Open Source PHP Application 

2. Windows Mobile Apps – based on Industrial Motorola PDA

3. Android Apps Development

4. Kiosk Software & Hardware Design

5. Custom Hardware Design based on LUIMOTE




+6019-235 0585 ( Mr. Shamry)

This company is Certified with Ministry of Finance

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