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Nervesis Sdn Bhd

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Nervesis is the only local company that develops Identity Management (IDM) technology. Nervesis won AIPB award from MOSTI & MAMPU in 2006. The largest implementation for Nervesis' IDM is 40,000 users with 15 applications, and currently is growing. Some of our clients are Universiti Malaya and Treasury of Malaysia.

Nervesis Sdn Bhd

Nervesis provides services for its flagship Identity Management System, Gatekeeper, and services for a Business Intelligence System, Vanilla. The services include deployment work, training and annual support.


Identity Management System is a system that centrally manages all identities (all users) from various sources especially from various applications, systems, databases and directories. Some of its benefits are easy access to multiple applications with one login (Single Sign-On - SSO), central security enforcement, central user provisioning such as central registration and more.


There are two editions of Gatekeeper product:

a.        Gatekeeper Community provides a Web Single Sign-On (SSO) component of an Identity Management System. It is based on Open Source JASIG CAS project.

b.       Gatekeeper Enterprise provides a full-fledge Identity Management System with Central Security Enforcement, Central User Provisioning and much more.


Gatekeeper Community and Gatekeeper Enterprise do not have any licensing fee but follow open source service fee that comprises of deployment work, annual support and training. Gatekeeper Community can be downloaded for free including the source code, while Gatekeeper Enterprise is provided for customers who subscribe to our support services.


A few of Gatekeeper implementations are in Treasury of Malaysia, University Malaya, and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The largest implementation serves about 40,000 users.


Nervesis is the exclusive partner to promote Vanilla in Malaysia. Vanilla has been deployed for several organizations in the health industries, education industries, telecommunication industries, retail industries and finance industries.


The principles behind Nervesis services are as below


    * Enterprise Software Development & Architect

    * Application Software Audit

    * Distributed & Scalable Enterprise Computing

    * Fault Tolerance, High Performance & High Availability for Application Servers, Webservers & Databases

    * Enterprise Application Integration

    * Enterprise Software & System Management

    * Service Oriented Architecture & Webservices Integration

    * Inter-Applications Authentications, Accesses, Audits & Synchronizations. 


Nervesis is overly well-versed in various platforms such as Java J2EE, .NET, PhP and TCL including several database such as Oracle, Postgres, mySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, and several directories such as OpenLDAP, Red Hat Directory and Microsoft AD due to its profound experiences deploying Identity Management System and Business Intelligence System. Nervesis products also comply with several XML standards such as SOAP, SAML, XACML and SPML.



+603-22890798 ( Azhar K Mustapha)

This company is Certified with Ministry of Finance

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