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Slashes & Dots

by asrulhadi last modified Jun 03, 2008 06:25 PM
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Slashes & Dots is a group of developers who love developing software and have set their sights on exploring the exciting opportunities in web and software development. For us, programming is a passion as well as an earnest pursuit.

Slashes & Dots

To put it simply, we develop software.  It is something that we love to do and since we are quite good at it, be well rewarded for. Our current focus is developing software to enhance open source technologies. Right now we develop components for the open source Joomla CMS. Though we are quite agile in what we do, changing focus and technologies as we explore the constantly changing frontier of software development.

We began with  a team of two, coding applications for  PalmOS. When our "Facer" Launcher went on to win Palmsource's Enterprise/Productivity Award in 2004, it was a pleasant taste of success as well as our first real lesson about the software development market. Forging ahead, we moved on to develop components for the highly popular Joomla Content Management System, building it into an exciting undertaking that has propelled us onto the global stage.

Now, we are one of fifty commercial developers serving a global market of an estimated 25 million websites. Our products running on thousands of sites worldwide. Business is great and profits booming, so much so that we have long since outgrown our humble beginnings. We are now an agile, compact and dynamic team of graphic artists, programmers, support specialists and business professionals with a swanky office at the prestigious Amcorp Business Suites. The best and brightest in their fields, who share a vision and a dream. Our aim is to be the world's best in open source solutions. Unlocking its potential with enterprise grade products and professional support.



Azrul Rahim

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