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Soft Solvers Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd

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SoftSolvers Technologies offers a wide range of integrated, end-to-end business applications and services designed to help small, mid-market and corporate businesses. SoftSolvers creates and implements business solutions based upon Open Source technologies that improve financial and operational performance, drive customer relationships, and facilitate collaboration among suppliers, customers, and employees.

Soft Solvers Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd

 SoftSolvers Open Source Solutions

Open source technology means freedom - complete visibility, support for industry standards, and the ability to pick and choose the code that best meets your requirements.

SoftSolvers offers our customers a wealth of expertise and experience covering a wide range of open source technology. We are firmly vendor-neutral, with a focus on identifying the platform that best meets customer requirements rather than how a preferred platform might be modified to accommodate a subset of needs. We've built close, collaborative relationships with open source technology providers, and we continue to work regularly with all major vendors to bring the advantages of open source to our customers.

Better, Cheaper Technology

SoftSolvers solutions help businesses keep IT costs down, ensuring that funds can be directed to more critical business functions. Open source is, by definition, available at low costs to any and all who want to deploy it, drastically eliminating exorbitant proprietary licensing fees and reducing the cost of customization and ongoing maintenance. Our customers get the functionality and integration they're looking for, customized for their needs, at a lower cost, resulting in a dramatically improved ROI.

Higher Standards

SoftSolvers open source solutions mean freedom - multiple standards-based technology platforms from which to choose, numerous support options, a collaborative development community and no dependence on software versions or obsolescence schedules. We've been a driving force in helping to shape the open source community and technology, to establish and maintain standards, and to ensure that our customers have access to the best possible solutions.


SoftSolvers Open Source Solutions optimize strategic business processes across multiple domains and industries and focuses on following areas:

Business Automation Solutions

Applications are at the heart of every business operation, driving the critical activities that help improve customer satisfaction and accelerate business growth. Every day, from everywhere, businesses share information and communicate with employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Content Management Solutions

Content management solutions are one of the most popular and demanded categories of open source applications. Hundreds of solutions can do it “better” and are competing for attention. SoftSolvers work with our customers to evaluate the best possible solution for the specific business needs.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Open source BI has past the early stages of adoption and is entering mainstream use. Business intelligence (BI) describes the result of in-depth analysis of detailed business data. It includes database and application technologies, as well as analysis practices.

Infrastructure Solutions

The Infrastructure Development Domain provides the platforms (hardware, network, operating systems, etc.) to support system software as well as Office Productivity tools. The Infrastructure Development Domain also includes the technologies that are used to interconnect system processes and data, encompassing migration of data off of legacy systems as well as processes automation and the design of composite application functions.

SoftSolvers Second-CRM

Second-CRM is an On Demand Customer Relationship Management Tool especially conceived for Small & Medium Enterprises, who have never used any automated tool other than MS Excel - Everybody’s First CRM. Second-CRM easily adapts to most business environments by offering a flexible, cost-effective and easy to use application.



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