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TechnoDex Berhad

by shincheow last modified Jun 10, 2008 01:18 PM

Technodex develops and offers vertical solutions catered to a myriad of sectors; government, human resource, education, and transportation. Technodex also Offers an extensive range of IT services aimed at enhancing and optimizing business operations. TechnoDex’s technology and solutions offer customers with Scalability in handling increasing business volume, Flexibility across multiple operating systems, Cost effectiveness and Speedy solutions development

Versatile software platform (TechnoDex platform)


  • Price competitiveness… built on open source reduces the cost of technology
  • Development continuity… building block architecture enables continual and consistent software development among different programmers
  • Quick software development… as a result of layer structure programming from ready components
  • Flexibility… ability to support different software operating environments


R&D and Strategic Partnerships


  • Focused R&D… full control of technological direction to cater to market demand
  • Technological value-add… enhancing TechnoDex eBusiness solutions with the technologies of strategic partners (Novell, JasperSoft, Jboss and Alfresco )


First mover


  • Premium brand equity… being pioneer in implementing open source technology in Malaysia garners market confidence in our products and technical competence




+60380703155 ( Su Shin Cheow)

This company is Certified with Ministry of Finance

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