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Training.My - Serai Solutions

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Serai Solutions was founded to bridge the community to the fast growing Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry. We are your partner in IT, Multimedia & Training Solutions, with Professionals Team of Freelancers - Project Managers, Multimedia Designers, System Developers, IT Engineers & Experienced Trainers. Our Services range from IT, Web, Multimedia & Training Solutions. 100% Bumiputera and Young Malaysians. Ministry of Finance (MOF) Contractor Reg. No: 357-02020093 Our Services range from IT, Web, Multimedia & Training Solutions. We are managing few web portals such as Training.My / Serai.My / Centre.My / Baby.My. Visit our website at and training portal at

Training.My - Serai Solutions

Training Courses  
        PHP & MySQL Basic & Intermediate 
        PHP & MySQL Advanced
        PHP Security
        MySQL Administration 
        Ruby On Rails 
        Content Management System using Ruby on Rails 
        Linux Redhat
        Linux Slackware 
        Linux Administration
        Linux Ubuntu 
        Linux Networking Infrastructure
        Apache Web Server
        Email Server using Linux
        Linux Security
        Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) using CIPE            
        OpenSource Firewall & Proxy Server using OpenBSD
        FreeBSD Administration
        Network Security 
        PC Maintenance & Configuration 
        DNS & Bind
        Hacking & Securing DNS 
        Web Development               
       * Our IT Consultancy & Development Services 
          Web Applications Development
          Multimedia Development 
          Network Security Auditing / Security Posture Assessment ( SPA )
          Consultancy & Training
          DNS Security 

        * Security Posture Assessment (SPA).

           Scope for both internal and external point:

           1. Network Architecture Review
             - Reviewing the current network diagram and proposed a more secured environment

            2. Perimeter Defense Security Assessment
             - routers, switches, IDS, IPS, VPN, gateway antivirus, firewall, content filtering, proxy, etc.

             3. Host Security Assessment
             - operating system level security such as Windows, RedHat, Slackware and any other Unix flavour

            4. Application Security Assessment
            - web, email, DNS, NMS, database, LDAP, etc.

            5. IT Security Policy Security Assessment

            6. Physical Security Assessment
            - data centers, main office, site office

            7. Penetration Test / Ethical Hacking
            - Non destructive proof of concept based on the findings from initial phase.

          * IT certification programs 

           CLT  - Certified Linux Technician 
           CLE  - Certified Linux Engineer
           CSE  - Certified Slackware Linux Engineer 
           CNT  - Certified Network Technician 
           CIT  - Certified IT Support Technician 
           CIE  - Certified IT Support Engineer
           CPT  - Certified PC Technician 
           CNS  - Certified Network Security Technician 
           CNE  - Certified Network Security Engineer
           CWD  - Certified Web Designer 
           CMD  - Certified Multimedia Designer
           CPP  - Certified PHP Programmer
           CRP  - Certified Ruby on Rails Programmer
           CWP  - Certified Web Programmer 




013-3583553 ( Nazrol Hafiz)

This company is Certified with Ministry of Finance

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