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XYBASE is a systems integrator, IPR developer and solutions provider. We have implemented a number of large IT projects and are known worldwide for our airport IT expertise. The company provides comprehensive, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions to clients, based on their businesses, without prejudice on the technologies available.We also specialize in customized application development using open source and proprietary software stack, facilities management and also knowledge management using open sources.

XYBase Sdn Bhd

Our Philosophy

The business of XYBASE is all about bringing people, ideas, skills, products and clients together to form a successful combination. We believe in the "Do it" philosophy where our team members are constantly challenged to explore new technology and methodology to provide our customers with premium quality products and services. People are our most important asset, being in the service-oriented and intellectual property business. XYBASE expects the best from its people, where innovation, creativity and hardwork represents the culture. Developing a business proposition from a simple idea is what distinguishes us most from our competitors. Ideas need to be explored, worked and tested on before turning it into a reality.

      Originating from the IT background is what makes our business perspective exciting and full of possibilities. The advancements in technology and competitive forces are two key reasons why businesses need to be technologically driven. Strong IT skills and knowledge are expected out of our people and continually XYBASE looks forward to building specialised and repetitive skills be it technical or business. And this is what makes our people commanding and valuable to our clients, the knowledge of both. More often than not, we prefer to remain neutral on our product selection. Quality and technical superiority are key criteria. In the final analysis, the integration of technologies must make good business sense to

our clients, which is what our business is all about.

The ability to meet our clients' requirements and to continually serve with the highest

satisfaction level is what we strive for in XYBASE.

     While we are relatively young, XYBASE has managed to build a wide range and depth of experience in the industry. But what is more important, is our peoples' desire to learn, get better and do what seems difficult or impossible. Our drive and commitment is again our difference.




XYBASE today, provides our clients with not only a one-stop-center for their IT needs, but also services that may complement their business strategies. A high value-added approach is what we believe will

be our strength in our service oerings. Categorically, our service oerings are :

· Strategic Systems Planning, Design, Engineering and Development

· Multimedia Development

· Interface Control Management

· Network Integration Services

· Testing and Integration

· Physical Security, Security Audit and Services

· Outsourcing and Facilities Management

· Quality Assurance and Conguration Management

· Project Management and Organisation

· Maintenance and Support Management

· Customer Relations Management

· Helpdesk

· Training and Transfer of Technology


In addition to the service offerings, XYBASE is also focused into providing our clients with solutions which require specic and specialised skills in the areas of:

· High-End Technologies

· Specialised Application Systems

· Infrastructure Type Technologies


Project Referrences

1. Membekal, Menghantar, Memasang, Menguji, Mentauliah Dan Menyenggara (Dalam

Tempoh Jaminan) Sistem Aplikasi Rangkaian Maklumat Pasaran Kayu Malaysia (TMIN)

for Lembaga Perindustrian Kayu Malaysia


2. Development of the Customs Verification Initiative System For Kastam Diraja Malaysia



3. EMCS-Enterprise Messaging Collaboration System for Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan



4. Merekabentuk, Membekal, Menghantar, Memasang, Membangun, Mengkonfigurasi,

Menguji, Mentauliah Dan Menyenggara Dalam Tempoh Jaminan Peralatan Dan

Perisian Bagi Business Licensing Electronic Support System (BLESS) Untuk Kerajaan

Malaysia For Implementation Coordination Unit, Jabatan Perdana Menteri.


5. Design, Develop and Implement a Goods and Services Tax system (MyGSeT) For the

Kastam Diraja Malaysia (KDRM)


6. Design, Develop, Supply, Deliver, Install, Configure, Document, Train, Implement,

Manage, Test, Commission and Maintain MATRIIX Project Phase II For Ministry of

International Trade and Industry (MITI) and Agencies.


7. Sistem Kawalan Diesel Bersubsidi (SKDS), Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri

dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna


8. To deliver Sistem Penguatkuasaan dan Tatatertib Berkomputer for Lembaga

Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB)


9. TIME Payment System (TPS) For TT dotCOM Sdn Bhd.


10. Implementation of the Soekarno Hatta International Airport Flight Information System

(FIS) Application Software Development Project, Jakarta


11. Technical Assistance for the Management of Systems Integration in Madrid-Barajas

International Airport, Spain


12. Sistem Integrasi Agensi-agensi, Pangkalan Data Dan Aplikasi (SIADA) for Ministry of

Finance, Malaysia


13. National Service Program for Ministry of Defence, Malaysia


14. Supply of IT System and Services to AtlasONE, Malaysia


15. Integration Project Between Jabatan Akauntan Negara (JAN)’s System And The

Electronic Government Applications - Phase 3


16. Supply and Integrate XYBASE Terminal Management System, XYBASE Message

Broker and Airport Operational Database to the Southwest Florida International Airport in

Ft. Meyers


17. To develop the Petaling Jaya Integrated Information System (PJIIS) and to upgrade the

Network and ICT peripherals for MPPJ – Group 2 & 4


18. To deliver Sistem Pengurusan Peperiksaan Berkomputer for Dewan Bandaraya Kuala



19. Supply, Deliver, Develop, Test and Commission E-Klinik software to the Student Health

Centre at Universiti Putra Malaysia.


20. Installation of Information Technology and Communication System for Immigration

Complex, Pengkalan Hulu, Gerik, Perak.


21. Installation of Information Technology and Communication System for Makmal

Penyelidikan Perundangan & Lembaga Perlesenan Tenaga Atom (AELB) Head Quarters

at Mukim Dengkil Daerah Sepang, Selangor.


22. Upgrade of the Universiti Putra Malaysia Payroll, Human Resources Systems and

Integration to the Systems.


23. Supply, Deliver, Install, Test, Train and Commission Computer Software and Hardware for

Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Jeli, Kuala Lipis, Mersing, Pontian, Kampong Gajah,

Chenderoh and Pendang.


24. Development of Web-based Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Database System

and Web-based Geographical Information System for Department of Environment under

“Sistem E-Kawalan Alam Sekitar Fasa II” Development.


25. Consultancy Service: Operational Readiness Programme for Harare International Airport

New Terminal in Zimbabwe.


26. Integrated Gate Management System And Flight Information Display System for Logan

International Airport USA




+012-2279235 ( Mohd Khazrul Ahmad Khazaai)

This company is Certified with Ministry of Finance

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