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Yabarana Open Source Systems

by aimass last modified Oct 01, 2009 03:38 PM

Inspired by the way indigenous tribes live in balance with nature, Yabarana Corporation operates in balance with the ecosystem from which it stems. Providing outstanding solutions worldwide, while giving back to the communities that make it all possible. Yabarana can help you take full advantage of this new business world.

Yabarana Open Source Systems

Open Source Solution Provider

Yabarana Corporation is a world-class solution provider specializing in the Government sector and the automation of citizen-to-government relationship, using the latest in Web 2.0 technologies and state of the art development processes.


  • Catalytst Framework (Perl)
  • Symfony Framework (PHP)
  • Zope/Plone (Python)
  • Rails (Ruby)
  • JQuery and Prototype JavaScript Libraries
  • Jemplate client-side templating
For more information visit our web page at:



Very aggressive cost scheduling starting at USD 15 an hour!




+1(646)395-9718, +1(212)590-2534 ( Alex Imass)

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