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This is a list of documents that can be used as a reference and template for the Public Sector from planning to the implementation stages of the migration to

The Migration Pack (OMP) provides a guide for Public Sector agencies to begin the migration process to OOo.

OMP consist of the following:

  1. Migration Plans
    Plans for Management to describe the migration approach.
    - A Paper on the migration plans. Download
    - Presentation on the migration plans. Download
  2. OOo Position Paper. Download
    -This paper was prepared in June 2009 to highlight the MS Office and OOo implementations in Malaysia and the need from top management to address the lack of commitment.
    -Recommendations on usage of as a desktop productivity tool.
  3. References.
    -OOo Writer Quick Guides(Common features of the text processor in OOo). Download
    -OOo Impress Quick Guides(Common features of the presentation tool in OOo) Download

It is highly recommended that consultation is done between agencies who have implemented in order to learn from their experiences.

The Malaysian Public Sector should contact the Open Source Competency Centre (OSCC) if assistance is needed in the migration to OOo. The OSCC serves as the Malaysian OSS reference centre.

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