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OSS Acccelerated Adoption Seminar, 27th August 2008, Terengganu

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  • Seminar
When Aug 27, 2008
from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm
Where Terengganu
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  • 8.00pg      - Pendaftaran
  • 8.45pg      - Bacaan Doa
  • 8.50pg      - Public Sector OSS Master Plan and Implementation
                      - Accelerated Adoption

                        Slide:  OSS Master Plan - Terengganu.pdf 

  • 9.20pg      - Public Sector OSS Policies, Guidelines and Standards
                       a)Understanding IP Fundamentals for OSS Implementation

                          Slides: Understanding IP for OSS imp.pdf

                       b)OSS Public Sector Implementation Guidelines
                          Slides: OSS Implementation.pdf
  • 10.15pg   - Minum pagi

  • 10.45pg   - OSS Updates and Trends
                      a)Global OSS Developments

                         Slides: Global OSS Developments.pdf

                       b)OSCC Migration Package - The MAMPU Experience

                         Slides: OSCC OpenOffice Migration - MAMPU Experience.pdf

  •  11.30pg  - OSCC Products and Services
                      a) OSCC Knowledge Bank and E-Marketplace - An OSS Community of Practice
                          Slides: COP-OSS-Seminar.pdf
                      b)MyMeeting - A Generic Meeting Management System

                         Slides: MyMeeting - legal awareness 20080506.pdf

                      c)Building OSCC Competency Skills

                         Slides: Building OSS Competency Skills.v0.4.pdf

  • 12.45ptg - Makan Tengah Hari
  •  2.15ptg  - OSS Products and Services (Samb)
                      d)Pengenalan Perkhidmatan Baru OSCC - Advanced Virtualization Facility, Web Application 
                         Guidelines and Open Source  Software  Reference Architecture

                         Slides: virtualization-ossra-wag-4may2008.pdf

                      e)Pengenalan Produk OSCC - MySpamGuard, MySurfGuard, MyNetWatch dan MyWorkspace
                         Slides: Produk-OSCC-080505.pdf


  • 3.05ptg  - Rehat
  • 3.15ptg -  Perasmian Seminar OSS Accelerated Adoption Zon Timur dan Pelancaran POC
            di Negeri Terengganu

                     Ucapan   oleh   Y.A.B Dato' Mokhtar bin Nong, Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu

                     Ucapan Aluan oleh Y.B dato' Normah Bin Md Yusof,  Ketua pengarah MAMPU

                     Ucapan Perasmian dan Pelancaran POC di Negeri Terengganu oleh  Y.A.B  

                     Dato' Ahmad bin Said, Menteri Besar Terengganu

                     Gimik Pelancaran POC di Negeri Terengganu       

  • 4.00ptg  - Anugerah Kajian Kes Implementasi Terbaik (Zon Timur)
                      Penyampaian Anugerah Kajian Kes Implementasi OSS terbaik (Zon Timur)
          • Desktop Solution
          • Infrastructure Solution
          • Application Solution
  • 4.30ptg - Minum Petang
  • 5.00ptg - Bersurai