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by eavayjb last modified May 28, 2008 11:44 PM

Solutions Areas

At present there are a number of OSS solutions available for the entire IT value chain. These solutions have been grouped into 6 solution areas to assist users in evaluating the appropriate OSS solution to be implemented in their respective public sector agency.

Folder Application 
Many Government Agencies today are looking for ways to streamline their operations and new methods of reaching out to the users they serve. Many of them have embarked on transforming their operations from manual based to an electronic based one. Turn-key applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-commerce portals and others have made a mark on how Government Agencies operate and the services they offer. These systems also automate many operational functions within the Government Agency allowing them to run more efficiently and at lower costs.
Folder Desktop
Desktop solutions are defined as software tools such as office suites, graphic manipulation applications, software development tools, and utility software and Internet clients. Desktop solutions are designed and created to help users to be more efficient and productive. There are various desktop solutions that are currently active in development and used widely and are now considered common.
Folder Distributed Enterprise
Distributed Enterprise can be defined as the concept of distributing computational transaction processing capabilities between a central site and its remote locations. Through the implementation of this concept, the amount of data flows can be reduced as each site can perform its own processing. An index of the results or the results itself is sent back to a central store for access by other locations or users.
Folder High Performance Computing
The concept behind high performance computing (HPC) is to merge and combine the computing resources of multiple servers clustered together to provide higher scalability and greater combined computing power. So, instead of client processing requests are to one or more individual servers, HPC clusters utilize multiple machines to provide a more powerful computing environment through a single system image.
Folder Infrastructure
Infrastructure solutions are a critical and fundamental aspect in today’s ICT environment. They support a Government Agency’s ICT functions in the conduct of its operations and encompass primarily basic services which are leveraged upon by other applications in the environment.
Folder Workload Consolidation
Workload consolidation is defined as the discipline of simplifying and optimizing end-to-end IT infrastructures, including servers, databases, applications, networks, security and systems management capabilities with the goal of finding ways to better align the IT infrastructure to meet both current and future requirements.
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