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Upgrade guide

by nuhaa last modified Apr 20, 2009 06:00 PM
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How to upgrade MyMeeting 2.* to MyMeeting 2.2

Before proceeding to upgrade, it is advisable to make a complete backup of your MyMeeting (application and database). When you're ready:

1. Update to 2.2 files

Go to MyMeeting directory (eg. /var/ww/mymeeting). Using SVN, switch to version 2.2

$cd /var/www/mymeeting
$svn switch
$svn info
This will get the latest copy of MyMeeting files (version 2.2) to your server. svn info will tell you the version of your current MyMeeting.

1.1 Update database structure manually

Important! Upgrading from 2.0 to 2.2 only. Upgrading 2.1 to 2.2 can skip this step.

Go to mysql console/phpMyAdmin and run these sql statements:

RENAME TABLE committees_users TO memberships;
RENAME TABLE meetings_users TO attendances;
RENAME TABLE meetings_todos TO meetingtodos;
RENAME TABLE committees_todos TO committeetodos;
RENAME TABLE todos TO systemtodos;
create table logs (id int(11));
create table hashes (id int(11)); 


3. Run upgrade script

Go to MyMeeting console directory (eg. /var/www/mymeeting/cake/console) to run the upgrade script.
#upgrade 2.0 to 2.2
$./cake fixup upgrade 2.0 2.2

#upgrade 2.1 to 2.2
$./cake fixup upgrade 2.1 2.2

This will update your database structure, reset the committee tree (new feature for 2.2) and will attempt to make /var/www/mymeeting/app/tmp (for session, logs and cache)  and /var/www/mymeeting/webroot/upload (for uploaded files) folders writable.

After this step is done, MyMeeting should be upgraded to version 2.2. The login page should show you it's version 2.2 at the bottom.

Additional note: For those who's keen on the upgrade script, it's equivalent to running:

$./cake fixup database
$./cake fixup resettree
$./cake fixup fixpermission
$./cake fixup messages


3. Add confirm link in templates (optional)

You have the option to allow invitees to confirm their attendance themselves via link sent to them in email. This is a new feature for 2.2.

1. Login to your MyMeeting as the superadmin.

2. Under 'Other Tasks' at the bottom, edit invitation template to have this: "%Link.confirm:Confirm attendance" (without ""). This will generate a link for every invitation email you send out to let the invitees confirm their attendance to the meeting themselves.

3. Clik on Submit button. Every new committee created from now on will get the updated invitation template.

Note: The above step will not update the rest of templates for existing committees. For that you have to manually edit the each committee's invitation template which you wish to update.

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