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LAN-Proxy for Malaysian Meteorological Department

by Khairil Yusof last modified May 07, 2008 12:22 PM
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Main objectives of the project is to create an office local area network that's connect to Internet through oss proxy with dual Internet connection for continuously connectivity. Some of the application being used such as shorewall, squid, dansguardian, ftp service and DNS service. All the client will point to the LAN proxy as the gateway. The Internet connection being used are Jaring leased line and also streamyx enterprise package. Both line are used as a backup for each other. If both line are up, Jaring leased line only used for operational and connection to headquarters while streamyx line used for internet access activities. If Jaring leased line down, all connectivity will used Streamyx ADSL line and also the other way around. Connection status being checked automatically using cronjob.

MMD-LAN-Proxy.pdf — PDF document, 105Kb

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