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by Khairil Yusof last modified Jun 13, 2012 01:42 AM

Community resources for peer support

Knowledge Bank

For end users

Currently most pages and folders are editable by registered users. Users can add additional pages, links, files, events and news to the relevant sections.

Note: Users also have the option to publish the files uploaded here in the Malaysian Public Sector OSS Portal. It will be listed out under Latest Resources. To do that:

  • Edit a file
  • Click on Categorisation tab, select OSCC as a category. If you have to select multiple categories, add OSCC as one of them.
  • Click save.

For developers

OSCC provides facilities for developers to host and manage their OSS projects. The facilities at

provide developers a place to upload and manage their projects virtually with other developers.

Please email if you would like to have your project uploaded. If you are using an existing OSS project hosting service such as Launchpad, Sourceforge or Savannah, please provide add the link to your agency project in the appropriate Solution or Practice Area


Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are another good source of information and support from the community.


Other local community lists


IRC is a real time chat room used by may open source projects to communicate with other developers and users.

  • #oscc chat room at
  • webclient - put in your nickname and channel as #oscc

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